RI Witness: the highest level of security and safety for our patients and embryos alike

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Our laboratory at PCRM maintains an efficient and trusted system of patient sample identification, using multiple identifiers on sample labels with two separate staff for the witnessing of each c critical step of treatment.  To attain an even higher level of care, PCRM has now incorporated RI Witness™, the most secure system available for IVF laboratories.  RI Witness™ uses Radiofrequency Identification (RFID) technology to monitor all critical laboratory procedures, creating a complete record of each stage of a patient’s IVF cycle.  This system tracks and records all activity and locks the patient’s identity to the sperm, eggs and embryos at every stage of the treatment.  If a patient’s sample comes into proximity with those of other patients, the embryologist is alerted and chart locked until the oversight is corrected.  RI Witness™ will provide our staff and patients the peace of mind that the best possible process is being employed to prevent laboratory error.

24/7/365 Security

Our property management team at Canada Way Business Park spare no expense ensuring that their tenant’s premises are safe and secure 24/7 through the dedicated work of Fusion Security.  Our physicians are on-call 24/7 for both patients and our security staff.  Our senior embryologists are also on-call 24/7 for the PCRM lab through an acoustic emission device called a sensaphone alerts them if equipment is alarming.  In addition to our building security, PCRM has the Keyscan Access Control Systems™ with after hour motion and door sensors.  This system allows us to control access of both patients and staff throughout the facility, and to track the movement of employees and contractors through each door.

Secure Medical Records

Patient clinical and laboratory information is safe and security in our DOC™ electronic medical record.  Access to your chart is limited to those employees that are involved in your care, with usage tracked and recorded.  Data is stored on our server and backed-up daily onto tape.