Outside Vancouver?

Are you coming to PCRM from outside of Metro Vancouver?

PCRM accepts patients from all over the globe. We have strong links in the Pacific Northwest and New York. Many of our patients travel from outside the Metro Vancouver area, and outside the province to have treatments within our facility. One of the many reasons to choose PCRM is our Electronic Medical Record. This allows for the patient’s chart to be easily reviewed and shared with referring Physicians from outside the region. We conduct many remote IVF cycle starts from outside of Vancouver and bring the patient to PCRM for the least possible time, to ensure minimal disruption of their personal and business lives. We not only conduct remote cycle starts from outside of the Vancouver region, but also conduct satellite fertility monitoring for patients going to IVF Clinics in Washington state, and other American centres.

Are you coming to PCRM from Edmonton, Alberta?

Both Drs. Havelock and Seethram completed their specialty training in OBGYN at the University of Alberta, in Edmonton. They both share strong linkages with Women’s Health Specialists in Edmonton, and try to coordinate care in a seamless fashion. With our electronic record and the joint cooperation with Medical Imaging Consultants and DynaLife labs, we are able to commence treatment cycles remotely, and expedite fertility care, minimizing the time spent away from the patient’s home. Vancouver is approximately 90 minutes flying time from Edmonton, and offers a variety of attractions and accommodations to make the journey interesting and pleasant during all seasons.

Accommodations – Corporate Rates

PCRM has many clients who travel from outside Vancouver for their consultation, and treatment cycles. While some fertility consultation, and treatment planning can be done by telephone and email, monitoring visits and procedural items need clients to come to PCRM. In an effort to increase convenience, PCRM has negotiated corporate rates with the following accommodation providers. The following are accommodations with quick accessibility to PCRM. All of the following are within 5 minutes of PCRM.

Accent Inn, Burnaby
Discounted medical rates are available.  Kitchenettes available

Hilton Vancouver Metrotown
Request Corporate ID N2674603

Holiday Inn Express, Burnaby
Click on hotel name for direct access to PCRM rate

Waterfront Hotel, Coal Harbour
Email or speak with Elaine Lee regarding PCRM corporate rate

Other recommended accommodations in Vancouver. These hotels range from 15-25 minutes from PCRM, but provide unique access to some of Vancouver’s tourism highlights.

Getting Around

Rental cars are conveniently located at the Vancouver International Airport. As well, the Metro Vancouver area has an excellent public transit system.

Since the 2010 Olympics, the Metro Vancouver region’s infrastructure has greatly expanded.The city offers a wide variety of activities, and parks. The opportunities for dining, and boutique shopping are excellent. Some helpful website links are:

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