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PCRM’s Fertility Clinic Prescription: Our Very Own Pharmacy. There are a variety of fertility drugs designed to increase your pregnancy odds.

PCRM is unique in its ability to provide patients with an on-site licensed pharmacy. The PCRM Fertility Clinic Pharmacy provides a wide range of fertility and hormonal medications at competitive rates. For our clients outside of the Lower Mainland, we also provide a convenient Canada-wide shipping service.

We carry everything from prenatal vitamins to the most advanced hormonal injectables. Our pharmacy provides medication for patients undergoing all types of fertility treatment including IVF, FET, IUI and Superovulation IUI.

We also aim to maximize the savings your medical coverage provides.

Like any licensed pharmacy, we are able to adjudicate your claims electronically at the time the medications are dispensed and also provide you with an official receipt for manual claims and tax purposes. PCRM is a provider for the following insurance carriers and the insurance companies that they administer: ESI Canada, Green Shield Canada, Pacific Blue Cross, Alberta Blue Cross, First Canadian Insurance, Claim Secure and NexgenRx. Depending on your particular policy and insurer’s reimbursement structure, a balance may be due after the adjudication is successfully completed.

Our fertility clinic’s pharmacy staff are not authorized to access your personal insurance information, so would never interface with your insurer directly without your permission. Signing of an Insurance Investigation Consent will allow one of our pharmacy technicians to contact your insurer. However it is your responsibility as the patient to know your fertility drug coverage in advance of treatment and whether pre-authorization is required. All of the fertility medications prescribed at PCRM can be found on the Our Services/Pharmacy page of our website. Your insurer may ask for the specific drug identification numbers (DIN) listed in order to process your request. Our physicians will gladly provide you with a letter in support of your coverage.

Not only do we provide you with the proper medication, we ensure you understand the rationale behind it. We educate patients on how to administer their medications safely and efficiently. Our staff provides one-on-one instruction for the proper handling of all fertility injections.

PCRM also supplies patients with all the required materials for their prescriptions including needles, alcohol swabs and sharps containers. These items are given to patients at no additional cost. Patients are able to return their used sharps to PCRM (in the containers we provide) for proper disposal.

As stated in the B.C. College of Pharmacists guidelines, PCRM cannot re-circulate medication that is returned by patients. Our staff will do their utmost to prescribe the minimum amount of medication needed to complete your treatment. Despite this, you may find yourself with excess medication after completion of the cycle if your medication requirements are lower than expected. If stored correctly, most of the medications will not lose potency for months to years, so can be safely used for future treatments, in the event that the current treatment is unsuccessful. We cannot accept returns, however all orders erroneously dispensed will be reimbursed, or refilled correctly.

Why make extra trips to outside pharmacies where you’re just another customer? As a specialized fertility clinic, PCRM is able to provide a far more personal experience as the physicians, nurses and pharmacy tech all work together during a patient’s treatment.

Our medical staff has extensive experience with fertility medications, and is available 24/7 to provide support while under our care. We wish you success with your treatments.

For more information about our in-house pharmacy, please visit the Pharmacy page on our website.


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