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Reisa Pollard shares her fertility journey using humour and honesty , as she describes what its like to try for a baby.

“It took me longer than most to figure out what my passions in life were. It turns out they were possibly opposing forces, my Interior Design business and babies. I had the business going strong but the babies weren’t coming easy, so I went to PCRM.

I knew little about the journey I was embarking on. I certainly could never had predicted that 6 years later, it would be so enlightening and life changing that I would be invited to do a Ted Talk around my experience. I would encourage anyone considering using a fertility clinic to go PCRM and see why they are so exceptional. The doctors will walk you through options with honesty and care. However, there is still a veil of secrecy from fellow clients around what it may take to reach success, so I revealed some of the surprising twists and turns of the reality in my Ted Talk.”

Watch her Ted Talk here.

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