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  • (BCMJ) Why Infertility Patients Deserve Our Attention

    Dr. Caitlin Dunne writes about the stigma and lack of discussion surrounding infertility.

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  • It’s Safest To Delay Pregnancy If Your Travels Put You At Risk of Zika

    Are you planning a vacation? Dr. Dunne discusses why you may want consider travelling to a Zika-free destination if you’re trying to get pregnant.

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  • Does Coenzyme Q10 Boost Your Fertility?

    Dr. Caitlin Dunne weighs in on Coenzyme Q10 and its role in boosting women's fertility. As a fertility doctor, I see a lot of patients who want to try everything possible to improve their odds of pregnancy.

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  • There’s Little Difference Between Frozen & Fresh Embryos for Fertility Treatment

    So, for most women undergoing IVF, which is better — fresh or frozen embryo transfer? Read Dr. Caitlin Dunne’s most recent blog post to find out more!

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  • As a Fertility Doctor, Here’s What I wish Women knew About Egg Freezing

    As a fertility specialist, Dr. Dunne wants women to be informed about how their eggs changes as they get older. 

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  • Want to Hire More Women? Make Your Workplace Fertility Friendly

    The Globe and Mail recently published Dr. Dunne's article on why companies should become fertility friendly.

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  • (Medium)Buying time: The rise of the new Solo Mom

    Instead of wondering when to hit ‘pause’ on their careers, or waiting for the right partner to show up, women are increasingly seeking reproductive autonomy.

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  • 5 Popular Myths About In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

    There are a lot of misconceptions out there! Dr. Dunne discusses the 5 most common myths.

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  • Infertility In Men And Women Is Far More Common Than You May Realize

    Dr. Dunne speaks CKNW to clear up some of the myths surrounding infertility and IVF.

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