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  • How fertility apps are changing the way women conceive

    While using a fertility app is helpful to a lot of women, its not as accurate for those who have irregular cycles. Dr. Dunne explains.

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  • Pacific Centre for Reproductive Medicine: Canada’s Best Managed Companies 2019

    PCRM is featured in Canadian Business as a winner of Canada's Best Managed Companies award.

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  • This is VANCOLOUR Podcast: Episode #32

    Dr. Dunne is a guest on the This Is Vancolour podcast with Mo Amir and talks about egg freezing, surrogacy & so much more.

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  • If You Are Planning A Pregnancy, Make Sure You Are Vaccinated

    Despite the obvious benefits of vaccines, rumors about vaccines' link to autism have led to "vaccine hesitancy"

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  • Family Matters podcast: The surge of women freezing their eggs

    Every year, more and more women delay having children. Kim Smith looks into why there's been a huge jump in the number of women freezing their eggs.

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  • IVF linked to slightly higher risk of maternal complications: study

    Researchers compared the rate of severe complications in women who became pregnant with a reproductive technology versus those who did not need help to conceive.

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  • Dr. Dunne on 980 CKNW’s The Lynda Steele Show

    Dr. Dunne talks to Lynda Steele about the rise in popularity of egg freezing in Vancouver

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  • Scott Thompson Show with Dr. Dunne

    Dr. Dunne talks about the increase in popularity of egg freezing

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  • What We Know So Far About ‘Designer Babies’ And Human Gene Editing

    The once futuristic idea of designer babies remains a subject of speculation and intense ethical debate.

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