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  • Como especialista en fertilidad, aconsejo a mis pacientes que eviten el cannabis

    Dr. Dunne's HuffPost Blog recommending patients to avoid cannabis when trying to conceive featured on HuffPost Mexico

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  • As A Fertility Doctor, I Am Advising My Patients To Avoid Cannabis

    Dr. Dunne outlines some reasons to avoid cannabis when trying to conceive

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  • Couples With Unexplained Infertility Can Benefit From Basic Treatments

    Dr. Dunne outlines treatment options for patients facing unexplained infertility

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  • Dad’s exercise before conception may help child’s lifelong health

    Dr. Caitlin Dunne says, "This is one of the first studies that’s shown that the dad, through the sperm DNA, can have effects on the offspring that have a meaningful difference."

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  • World Fertility Day with Dr. Roberts on CTV Morning Live

    Dr. Roberts talks about fertility on CTV Morning Live Vancouver

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  • 7 Myths About IVF That Need To Be Shut Down ASAP

    IVF is one of the wonders of modern technology, but it has also attracted a lot of misconceptions and myths.

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  • (BCMJ) RE: Why Infertility Patients Deserve Our Attention. Authors Reply

    Dr. Caitlin Dunne replies to Susan M. Lee's response to her original article and talks about barriers to accessing IVF treatment.

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  • (BCMJ) RE: Why Infertility Patients Deserve Our Attention

    Dr. Susan M. Lee writes a letter in response to the infertility articles published in the BCMJ.

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  • (BCMJ)RE: Infertility: Testing And Diagnosis

    Dr. Goldis Mitra writes in to provide feedback to Dr. Dunne's BCMJ article.

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