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  • (BCMJ) RE: Why Infertility Patients Deserve Our Attention. Authors Reply

    Dr. Caitlin Dunne replies to Susan M. Lee's response to her original article and talks about barriers to accessing IVF treatment.

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  • (BCMJ) RE: Why Infertility Patients Deserve Our Attention

    Dr. Susan M. Lee writes a letter in response to the infertility articles published in the BCMJ.

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  • (BCMJ)RE: Infertility: Testing And Diagnosis

    Dr. Goldis Mitra writes in to provide feedback to Dr. Dunne's BCMJ article.

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  • Paying Sperm And Egg Donors Will Help LGBTQ Couples Build Families

    Dr. Dunne explains how removing legal barriers will help the LGBTQ community have better access to treatment options.

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  • (BCMJ) How Old is “Too Old” To Have a Baby?

    Dr. Caitlin Dunne discusses the challenges women face when pursuing motherhood later in life.

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  • (BCMJ) Prenatal Screening Options in British Columbia

    Dr. Ken Seethram reviews prenatal screening options available to patients in British Columbia.

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  • 9 Things Your Guy Is Doing That Are Lowering His Sperm Count

    From too much coffee to working on your lap top too much, find out what other activities you should try to reduce for health sperm counts.

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  • Learning to trust your body when you’re struggling to get pregnant

    Here are six ways to reconnect with your body and learn to trust it again.

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  • (BCMJ) Infertility: Testing and Diagnosis For The Community Physician

    Dr. Caitlin Dunne outlines infertility testing and diagnosis for the community physician.

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