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  • 6 Changes Men Can Make to Improve Sperm and Have a Healthier Baby

    Men can increase the likelihood of producing fit sperm by adopting healthier lifestyles.

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  • Should We Pay Surrogates In Canada?

    Listen in as Dr. Jeff Roberts discusses how Canada should allow for paid sperm and egg donors and allow surrogate mothers to be compensated.

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  • How To Tell If You Are Ovulating

    Ovulation tracking can help a couple plan intercourse around her most fertile time of the month.

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  • Doctors urge Canada to make it legal to pay for sperm, eggs — even if people ‘line up’ to make a quick buck

    Dr. Roberts and other professionals weigh in on the current Assisted Human Reproduction Act, calling for changes to current laws.

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  • Trying For A Baby? This Is When You Should See A Fertility Doctor

    “I was careful my whole life not to get pregnant and now that I am ready, I can’t believe it is this difficult!”

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  • Fertility Treatments: How they work and How much they cost

    Dr. Caitlin Dunne discusses fertility treatment options and provides a closer look at how treatments work and what they cost

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  • BCMJ: Social Egg Freezing: A viable option for fertility preservation

    Social egg freezing is a safe and viable option for women in our society. It does not provide women with the same reproductive longevity that men enjoy, but it can allow women to delay childbearing for 2 to 10 years.

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  • Demand Growing for Social Egg Freezing

    PCRM physicians weigh in on the future of social egg freezing in an interview with Global News

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  • What’s an IVF baby worth?

    As Ontario announces government coverage for IVF, how will they maximize their funding to expand access to fertility treatments? Dr. Roberts helps address that question.

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