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PCRM is pleased to offer an on-site licensed pharmacy. The PCRM Pharmacy provides a wide range of fertility and hormonal medications at competitive rates. For our clients outside of the Lower Mainland, we also provide a convenient Canada-wide shipping service. PCRM is a provider for the following insurance carriers and the insurance companies that they administer:

As a licensed pharmacy and a provider for these companies we are often able to process claims electronically at the time the medications are dispensed. The patient contacts the insurance company directly in advance to determine eligibility for fertility drug coverage or whether pre-authorization is required. Our physicians will provide you with a letter in support of your coverage. An official pharmacy receipt is always generated with your prescription that can be submitted manually to your insurer for reimbursement in the event that electronic submission is denied. Also, depending on your particular policy and insurer’s fee structure, a balance may be due after the adjudication is successfully completed.  Below is a list of all the fertility medications and corresponding DIN numbers prescribed at PCRM for your convenience.

Drug Identification Numbers

By law, PCRM cannot accept the return for use or re-use any portion of any drug. Our staff will do the utmost to prescribe the minimum amount of medication needed to complete your treatment. Despite this, you may find yourself with excess medication after completion of the cycle. If stored correctly, most of the medications will not lose potency for several months, so can be safely used for future treatments. We cannot accept returns, however all orders erroneously dispensed will be reimbursed or refilled correctly. Our medical staff has extensive experience with fertility medications, and is available 24/7 to provide support while under our care.

Our pharmacy is administered by Jeff Roberts, MD, FRCSC who is a licensed dispensing physician in British Columbia.

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